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My first grade teacher assigned me a reading group like hers because I already knew how to read. This and inspiring aunts, who were educators, helped me to see the rewards of teaching. I owned and operated a daycare for 15 years, and in 2007, I returned to college to become a public school teacher. Following my first year of teaching, I knew it was essential to have my ESL Certification in order to be an effective teacher. Since then, I have obtained many certifications and awards including being National Board Certified. 


In addition, I have been selected to attend an array of awesome summer institutes that have enhanced my knowledge and ability to introduce impactful and relevant instruction to my students. 


Two things that I love to do is speak about education and write about education. I have been able to do both on a state and national level. I have presented at many conferences including the Arkansas National Board Certified Teachers Annual Conference. My writings have been published on several blog posts and also featured in our local newspaper.


On December 1, 2020, I started posting grammar lessons on TikTok in order to reach virtual students.  I now have nearly 6 million TikTok followers from 84 countries and have also amassed a great following on YouTube and Instagram. 


ESL learners have learned basic grammar skills needed for language acquisition, others have received academic refreshers, and many use it to study for tests such as the ACT.


My videos and stories motivate and inspire current/future teachers.I have never had as much collaboration with other educators as I have since joining TikTok. I feel like what I do matters; it matters to so many people. My classroom now expands around the world, plus I’m helping to remind other educators how much they are needed in this profession.

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